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Creating personnel solutions for the real estate industry is not easy, as the close working relationship between many business owners and their 'operational' staff is rarely found elsewhere.  This is especially true due to the complex interaction between productivity (sales, leasing, property management) and remuneration.

The 'master' Documents by REPSA template has been continuously developed and refined, by and for the real estate industry, over many years.  For this reason, REPS Australia guards its copyright zealously!

The 'master' Agreement by REPSA:

  • has already been used:
    • in most states and the Northern Territory.
    • either nationally or at state level by a number of real estate franchise groups.
  • is constantly revised as legislation changes.

Constant revision is especially important when you consider that the Federal employment legislation has been amended at least ten times since it was introduced in March 2006.  For this reason alone, business owners should:

  • be careful when using old agreements (an agreement even two months old is usually out of date); and
  • NEVER use an agreement that was created before 1 January 2010.

The 'master' Agreement by REPSA is constantly updated (sometimes daily) - not just because of legislative changes, but also because there is always room for improvement:

  • saying something old in better way; or
  • introducing a new idea.